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 musculoskeletal pain

Sword Health is on a mission to free all unionized workers, retirees and their families from physical pain. We address this top cost driver with state- of-the-art technology and doctors of physical therapy to make virtual musculoskeletal care both clinical and convenient. Improving optimal healing, mental health, and adherence to evidence-based care anywhere and anytime.

After 8 weeks, our members see:

  • Pain reduced by 62%
  • Surgical intent reduced by 63%
  • Medicine consumption reduced by 82%
  • Depression reduced by 53%
  • Anxiety reduced by 52%
  • Productivity increased by 79%
  • Costs reduced by $2472 per member per year

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Low back

Our clinically-validated programs work for all the major MSK issues, at any point in the journey: prevention, acute conditions, chronic pain, and post-surgical recovery.

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We match members with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who identifies their condition, develops a therapeutic exercise program, and educates and coaches them to better health.

Physical Therapists

The SWORD Health app helps members make changes that last. Members use the app to chat with their PT, learn about their condition and train their brain with guided behavioral therapy sessions.

Member app

Human care meets superhuman tech

Digital Therapist

Our FDA-listed Digital Therapist guides members through an exercise program designed just for them, gives them live feedback, and corrects their form - all supervised virtually by their physical therapist.


Shawn McLoughlin
VP, Labor & Public Sector

Destiny Guardado
Sr. Business Development Manager

Bob Quigley
RVP, Labor & Public Sector 

Jerry Gallo
RVP Labor & Public Sector

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“An in-depth analysis of the NECA/IBEW Family Medical Care Plan (FMCP) medical claims data, identified that a disproportionate number of our union members and their families were afflicted with musculoskeletal- related conditions. We wanted an evidence-based, cost- effective, and high-touch virtual physical therapy option to complement our existing, high-quality coverage in the brick and mortar setting – one available 24/7 (no time off work required) from the comfort of a person’s home.

After a thorough and critical evaluation process, there was absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind who had won the right to embark upon the upcoming virtual PT experience with us ... SWORD! SWORD completely blew us out of the water with the highly skilled and compassionate Doctor of PT, the high-tech sensor devices worn to expertly guide patients through the PT experience, and the professionalism and honesty of their executive sales team. We can envision our NECA/ IBEW Family Medical Care Plan member population healthier and happier, both physically and mentally, as a result of this service already!”

Tracy Golden | Director of Innovation and Payment Integrity
NECA/IBEW Family Medical Care Plan

Tom Curtin
Regional Director,
Public Sector

Loved by our
members and Partners

Sword Health’s Movement:
A Pain-Free World.

Michelle Manolovic
VP Consultant Relations,
Labor & Public Sector