Virtual wrist therapy from SWORD Health

SWORD Health is launching an evidence-based treatment designed to relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other common wrist conditions in December 2020.

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Low back

In addition to wrist conditions, our clinically-validated programs work for all major musculoskeletal conditions, at any point in the journey: prevention, acute conditions, chronic pain and post-surgical recovery.

Before, my pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep. Now… I’ve completely stopped my medication. It really has changed my life.

Sara, chronic low back pain


Our programs are proven to work better than anything else out there, and save both members and businesses money by removing the need for surgeries and other costly treatments.

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Better than traditional PT

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We match members with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who identifies their condition, develops a therapeutic exercise program, and educates and coaches them to better health.

Physical Therapists

The SWORD Health app helps members make changes that last. Members use the app to chat with their PT, learn about their condition and train their brain with guided behavioral therapy sessions.

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Human care meets superhuman tech

Digital Therapist

Our FDA-listed Digital Therapist guides members through an exercise program designed just for them, gives them live feedback, and corrects their form - all supervised virtually by their physical therapist.